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The chyking game

There are times in a girl’s life when you can’t keep guys off you. You just seem way more attractive to them than any other girl. They’ll start chyking you from all angles and they'll come in different categories. After a while everything calms down and once again you walk the streets and not even one guy takes a second look at you.  That hot time that I’m talking about is what Tricia is experiencing now.  Guys no wan gree her rest oo!  They’re all up in her base. She gets chykers everywhere, in church, in the market and supermarket, in class, and even keke drivers are after her.
She keeps on telling me hilarious stories of her recent escapades . But out of all these people, there was one guy she kept on talking about even a week after.  Hmm, I felt there was something going on but she kept on insisting that there wasn’t so I let it go. Like play like play, they were seeing almost every day after school and she was seeing her boyfriend even less. Idong is my friend too and I felt…

Is being single a crime?

Why are people so scared of being single? It’s seriously disturbing. I feel anyone who’s scared of being single has serious esteem issues. I once went for a single forum in a church and a lot of things were said but one of the things that I won’t forget is When the preacher said the first step to getting a partner that’s meant for you, the partner that God has designed for you is to discover yourself, and that can’t happen if you’re already attached to someone, you can only discover yourself when you’re alone.  A lot of people don’t even know what they want in a life. Some don’t even know have a life again. What happens when your partner leaves you? You’re broken; you don’t even know how to pick up the pieces again. You’re in pieces, that’s what happens when you wrap your world around another human being.  I asked koko when last she was single and she said she couldn’t remember. Can you imagine that? As she’s dropping one she’s picking another and apart from the sex being great, I th…

Making comparisons `

One of the things I hate in my life is people comparing me to other people. I hate comparisons, like when my jamb result came out and my parents were like “what do you mean by you got 265 in jamb? Chijoke that got 286, does he have two heads?”
I haven’t yet seen anyone who was good at comparison like Nigerian parents, that changed when I met uwem. Uwem is someone I can relate to. We talk without lacking topic. She’s really cool and we blend well but I have one problem with her. She compares a lot,I mean really stupid comparisons. I used to get offended but now I just wonder how she manages to find a way to compare everything. I can give you some examples. My friend called me and I picked to answer (I say my friend cause we haven’t actually started dating, that’s a story for another day) after I finished talking with him, just as I dropped the phone she was like “hmm your boyfriend cannot even disturb you more than my own, I even get tired of his calls self but, what can I do he can’t…

The return of our boyfriend!

I’m sitting under a tree with my girlfriends Tricia, uwem & koko. We’re talking about a variety of things ranging from boys to makeup to gossip to entertainment gist. Tricia’s boyfriend calls and she steps aside to talk. Yea, that’s true…… I didn’t tell you Tricia got a new boo. Well she did and I really like this one. He’s cool, he’s nice, really sweet and really good looking and the best part of it is that he likes her, I mean he’s crazy for that girl! I’m really happy for them. I can remember how she was fresh out of that her bad relationship. He came along, with his promise of love. She made him go through hell during the ‘asking out’ process. He made her smile again after her ex-boyfriend dumped her for no reason and they look so good together that I feel good just by looking at them.
          She comes back glowing (lol, proof that it was definitely boo she spoke to) and tells us she has a date. We all laugh and tease her a little before she leaves. It doesn’t tak…


Noun (plural jinxes)
1. A hex: an evil spell
2. A person or thing supposed to bring badluck
> (hex) curse, voodoo, Indian sign, spell.               Well all these is what my dictionary told me, but the way I remember this word is quite different. Thinking of it now takes me back to secoundary school, whenever two or more people said the same thing at the same time, whoever was faster would scream jinx! and hit the other. I believe it all started from Mr Thomas, our biology teacher telling us that when two or more people said the same words at the same time that it'd bring badluck and so to cancel that badluck you should scream jinx ( I have no idea who added the hitting part). Since it involved hitting another person and lots of running, we were more than happy to oblige. It was years later that I understood that Mr Thomas was pulling our legs and we took it all too seriously.
         Now you're wondering why I'm suddenly talking about jinx right?