Noun (plural jinxes)
1. A hex: an evil spell
2. A person or thing supposed to bring badluck
> (hex) curse, voodoo, Indian sign, spell.

              Well all these is what my dictionary told me, but the way I remember this word is quite different. Thinking of it now takes me back to secoundary school, whenever two or more people said the same thing at the same time, whoever was faster would scream jinx! and hit the other. I believe it all started from Mr Thomas, our biology teacher telling us that when two or more people said the same words at the same time that it'd bring badluck and so to cancel that badluck you should scream jinx ( I have no idea who added the hitting part). Since it involved hitting another person and lots of running, we were more than happy to oblige. It was years later that I understood that Mr Thomas was pulling our legs and we took it all too seriously.
         Now you're wondering why I'm suddenly talking about jinx right?
Well, that's because I believe I've been jinxed, or rather was jinxed. I use 'was' because if I was still jinxed I wouldn't be here writing this.
If you notice (and if you love me, you would), you'd have seen that I haven't been able to post for more than a month now. It is true what they say that bad things happen at the same time, because a lot happened to me in less than two months. During that time I wanted to quit blogging and just close down this blog, but then I have amazing friends who wouldn't let me and a bestfriend who's ready to badmouth me when I need it.
She is the master of reverse psychology, instead of giving me advice or saying motivational words like most of my friends would have, she cursed me, abused me,  washed me, called me all sorts of names that you could never begin to imagine. Just two days ago she called to tell me how useless I am to this world. She said incase I had suicidal thoughts and felt like killing myself that I should please just will my silver clutch to her and then go ahead, that this world is not for quitters its for fighters. Maybe I had had enough of the abuses and so I got up picked up my phone and laptop and took them for repairs and two days later here I am typing away.
I'm sorry for the silence, it wasn't planned. I didn't go on vacation or anything close to that. My phone and laptop both got bad in the same week and after that it was like Pandora's box was opened in my life and a whole lot of drama was going on in my life both directly and indirectly. Maybe I'll tell you the story someday or maybe I won't, but I'm okay now. To all my awesome friends out there, I love you guys and those reading this I love you too and I'm sorry if the post is too long, I really needed to make my point and my bestie is correct, this world is only for fighters!
And that's how OMA sees it.......

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