Making comparisons `

One of the things I hate in my life is people comparing me to other people. I hate comparisons, like when my jamb result came out and my parents were like “what do you mean by you got 265 in jamb? Chijoke that got 286, does he have two heads?”
I haven’t yet seen anyone who was good at comparison like Nigerian parents, that changed when I met uwem. Uwem is someone I can relate to. We talk without lacking topic. She’s really cool and we blend well but I have one problem with her. She compares a lot,I mean really stupid comparisons. I used to get offended but now I just wonder how she manages to find a way to compare everything. I can give you some examples. My friend called me and I picked to answer (I say my friend cause we haven’t actually started dating, that’s a story for another day) after I finished talking with him, just as I dropped the phone she was like “hmm your boyfriend cannot even disturb you more than my own, I even get tired of his calls self but, what can I do he can’t get enough of me”
In my mind I’m like
'seriously, girlfriend I didn’t ask'
The other day she came to visit me and then started asking for a blanket and I told her I didn’t have any since I rarely felt cold, I asked her if she was cold and she was like “oma you know that you don’t even like and more than me”. But she’s still the one that was asking for blankets not me. She’s compared who has a larger ass, finer legs and even lips. Nowadays I don’t even bother arguing with her, I just let her win so she can maybe feel good about herself. The one wey burst my brain nah the one wey happen yesterday. I was telling her about how I’d give my children an early sensitization about sex and how I’ll try to be close to them as possible, I want to be their best friend and she was like “oma you can’t even advice your children like how I’ll advice my own” I didn’t even think it was a competition in the first place, usually I just let it go but I just felt like asking anyway
“nawa for you! What makes you think so?” and she was like
“you that hides mouth sometimes when you’re talking, as for me I’ll be more raw with them”
I didn’t even know what to tell her. I don’t know what is wrong with that girl, maybe she has esteem issues, and maybe that’s why she always tries to compare with other people so that she can feel good about herself or something. She’s compared so much that she’s even compared our future generation. The only thing I can boldly say uwem hasn’t compared with me yet is Cgpa 😃. I know I need to talk to her about it, she’s really a nice person and I think she’s done it so much that now she does it unconsciously. 

How do I tell her this? Or should I even tell her? I'd love to hear from you, drop your comments and don't forget to subscribe


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