The return of our boyfriend!

         I’m sitting under a tree with my girlfriends Tricia, uwem & koko. We’re talking about a variety of things ranging from boys to makeup to gossip to entertainment gist. Tricia’s boyfriend calls and she steps aside to talk. Yea, that’s true…… I didn’t tell you Tricia got a new boo. Well she did and I really like this one. He’s cool, he’s nice, really sweet and really good looking and the best part of it is that he likes her, I mean he’s crazy for that girl! I’m really happy for them. I can remember how she was fresh out of that her bad relationship. He came along, with his promise of love. She made him go through hell during the ‘asking out’ process. He made her smile again after her ex-boyfriend dumped her for no reason and they look so good together that I feel good just by looking at them.
          She comes back glowing (lol, proof that it was definitely boo she spoke to) and tells us she has a date. We all laugh and tease her a little before she leaves. It doesn’t take long before koko, uwem and I leave too. The next day Tricia came with news. She said she met her ex-boyfriend divine (Click here to read that story 😥 ) and he wants her back. Wtf!
After all he made her go through and he never told her the reason he wanted out. She said he wanted to meet up so they could talk. I asked her where they were meeting and she said it was in his house. I almost screamed at her, is she crazy? Your ex invited you to his house and you’re actually planning on going, when you and I know that a whole lot more than talking will be done in that house. She said she was still a little bit curious as to why he suddenly broke up with her. I told her to let it go but she wouldn’t, she really wanted to know. I just advised her to meet at an eatery if she wanted to hear what he had to say. It was almost 9:00 am, time for our first class so we started hurrying to class, the topic of exes quickly forgotten. After school, she went to meet divine and I didn’t get to see her again till the next morning.
          The next day I was waiting expectantly for Tricia’s arrival. She came smiling, like she knew I was waiting for her. Well she later told me that divine told her the reason he left was because she wasn’t really stylish and was below his taste, but that after seeing her recent pictures and then finally meeting her again, he’s realized letting her go might be the worst mistake of his life and that he badly wants her back. I almost laughed and fell from my bed.
What is wrong with some guys? You dated this babe. This babe was all over you and yet you never appreciated her. Okay, she wasn’t that stylish, but that was her first year in school and she didn’t know what was in vogue and you didn’t even bother brushing her up (since you felt you had so much style) or at least tell her the type of things you like. Because this girl loved you she’d have done them, every single one of them. But you were selfish and thought of only yourself, you left her all alone. You threw away that beautiful gem that once glowed only for you. Someone saw this beautiful gem, now a bit dusty. He brushed off the dust and made it glow again. Loved it, treasured it and cared for it and now you want it back? You must be joking!

They say he’s the one if he comes back but I say he’s the one if he never left!

And that’s how oma sees it…………….
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