Is being single a crime?

Why are people so scared of being single? It’s seriously disturbing. I feel anyone who’s scared of being single has serious esteem issues. I once went for a single forum in a church and a lot of things were said but one of the things that I won’t forget is When the preacher said the first step to getting a partner that’s meant for you, the partner that God has designed for you is to discover yourself, and that can’t happen if you’re already attached to someone, you can only discover yourself when you’re alone.  A lot of people don’t even know what they want in a life. Some don’t even know have a life again. What happens when your partner leaves you? You’re broken; you don’t even know how to pick up the pieces again. You’re in pieces, that’s what happens when you wrap your world around another human being.
 I asked koko when last she was single and she said she couldn’t remember. Can you imagine that? As she’s dropping one she’s picking another and apart from the sex being great, I think that’s the main reason she hasn’t broken up with the douche bag. She has phobia for being alone. I was successfully single for 18 years and I didn’t die, I don’t see why she can’t stay single for 6 months. I don’t even know if she can stay single for I week. That guy is not helping her at all, even on Valentine’s Day he couldn’t even send her a happy Valentine’s Day message not to talk of buying her gifts. He’s never taken her out before, in fact he hasn’t even bought her the cheapest sweet before. A weird girl even called you to ask if you were his boyfriend and you said yes and she said she’s his girlfriend too, but that she’s leaving him. She said she can’t stay again cause the guy is a cheating bastard. She said they’ve been dating close to 3 years, she can’t tolerate him again and you’ve only been dating for barely a year. So, who’s the side chick here and how many side chicks are there self? Is there even a main chick? She doesn’t get that all these drama is doing her more harm than good. I just need her to get out before she gets seriously hurt. But will she listen?

Oma cares

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