The girlfriend rule

The girlfriend rulebook is an unwritten constitution; it covers everything about girls ranging from gossip to quarrel to guys. Our koko has broken a very important rule in this book, “DON’T DATE YOUR GIRLFRIEND’S EX” even if she tells you to. 
Koko didn’t date him, she did way worse, she slept with him. 
After Tricia hung up, she called koko and told her a lot of things. I know it must have been bad because koko called me back crying. She started asking me why I told Tricia, I didn’t mean to tell Tricia but, it just somehow got out. I succeeded in calming her down with the promise that I’d call Tricia. I didn’t really get why Tricia was so upset, except of course the only obvious reason which was the fact that she still had something for Dave. I called her anyway, she said she felt really disappointed and hurt, that she didn’t except koko to do what, that it felt like she was sneaking around. After much talk, she calmed down, she said she had forgiven her shaa, that shit happens sometimes. When I told you Tricia was really nice, maybe too nice self, I wasn’t joking. Our other friends didn’t even know about this, it was just us. We got together (the 3 of us) and we talked about it. Koko said it was just a mistake and that she didn’t have anything for dave. She promised it was just a onetime thing. Tricia finally opened up and said the main reason she was so angry was because the guy chatted her up about 3 weeks ago with all the talk about how he loved her and didn’t want to let go. How he wanted her back and all that shit. Exactly the same thing he said to koko to make her fall in his bed. The boy is good joor! He might be a playboy but at least he has skills. It was unfortunate my girlfriends were falling for his crap. We all agreed to let it go, my girlfriends made up and there was peace in paradise again.......

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