50 SHADES OF GREY- That’s how she likes it!

If you didn’t read my last two post, you might not understand this. To read that story, Click here.  
         My friend edidiong is fifty shades of crazy! I finally visited after fighting with my guilt and practicing what I’d tell her in front of my mirror. Funny enough, she seemed perfectly fine. I didn’t want to be the one to start the “how are you feeling after getting raped” conversation, so I decided to go with the flow. She’d made a little jollof rice first so we sat down to eat it, she insisted that she had to buy drinks which I told her was not really necessary but trust edidiong to go out of her way to make you comfortable. She went to buy the drinks so it was just me in her house. I can’t say how long I waited, but I knew it wasn’t long I heard a knock. I thought it might be edidiong trying to be funny; I got up smiling and went to open the door and my smile faded, behold it was idy! Immediately I went into attack mode.
He was like “Oma wassup?” (he was actually smiling! What effrontery)
And I answered
“Idy so after what you did to my friend you had the audacity to trace her to her house. What do you want? You want to finish what you started? Or you want to try the styles you’ve not tried already? If you don’t leave this place this very minute I’ll scream till you’re burnt alive, idiot!”
He stopped smiling and started laughing. I was getting really furious now.
“Is anything wrong with you? What is funny about being a rapist or raping someone?”
And he answered
“Oma calm down mbok! (Please) I didn’t rape your friend, what we did was mutual”
And I was like
“you’re crazy ,you know that right? Mutual enjoyment keh! Is that what it’s called these days?”
        I saw my friend coming back with a polythene bag in hand, probably were the soft drinks were. Idy hadn’t seen her yet. I kept giving her signs to go back but she kept on coming. Two things were involved, she wasn’t seeing them or she was purposely ignoring them.
“idy please leave here, I don’t want my friend to meet you. Do you know how sad and traumatized she’ll be feeling right now?”
And he said
“I didn’t rape edidiong; I’ve told you that what we did was as a result of a mutual agreement. That’s how your friend likes it. If you don’t believe me ask her, idy is my second name and my role play name. My name is Michael, I’m edidiong’s boyfriend and it’s really nice meeting you OMA”
Omgee Omgee am I watching a trailer of fifty shades? Have I been friends with Mrs. Grey and didn’t even know?
That was the first time in a long time I didn’t know what to say. I was tongue tied. By then edidiong was in front of me and she just turned and hugged idy or micheal or whatever his name is, am too confused to even know again. They came in together holding hands, looking so natural together. How am I supposed to wipe that gruesome memory from my mind? I want to ask her why she likes BDSM, I want to ask her when she started and why she never told me. I have a lot of things running through my mind right now that I want to ask her but am scared of the answers. What should I do?

And this is something Oma didn’t see..........


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