I’m mad.
 I really am, koko just told me something I didn’t want to hear. Seriously what is wrong with all my friends. You already know koko has a boyfriend  Click to read that story what you don’t know is that she’s added another one to her collection. You won’t be able to guess who if you tried. It’s dave, yes that Dave, the same one that came for Tricia  (Click here for Dave and Tricia's story) and now he’s saying he’s saying he’s saying he’s found true love in koko. For goodness sake, we already know this guy’s story and yet you’re actually listening to all his crap? I don’t get girls anymore. But, that’s not the annoying part, what’s annoying me now is that I had the feeling she was hiding something, she was acting in a really weird manner and it was really suspicious. The first person my mind went to was Dave. I knew they had been seeing themselves more and more regularly and so I jokingly asked her where they went after she left school yesterday. She said she went to an eatery and then from there went to his house. I was curious now, so I asked why she went to his house. She just started looking down on the floor. OMG! Don’t tell me its what I’m thinking. I asked her if they had sex and she nodded. OMG! It’s exactly what I was thinking. What’s wrong with this girl oo! You already have a boyfriend for goodness sake. Did you actually sacrifice your nyash for 1,050 naira rice? Now I’m speechless and mad. Its barely a month since the incident involving he and Tricia. Upon all we found out about him and you still went ahead, I’m really amazed. This guy obviously sleeps around and you know all about it and you’re actually letting yourself like him.
Am on my bed now eating a bowl of cornflakes with all fury, I’m really angry at her. My phone rings. I’m seriously not in the mood for phone calls, I look at the screen and its Tricia.  Yea great!
So I pick, we talk for a while, she keeps on asking me if I’m sick. I tell her I’m not but she keeps on insisting that I am and that I don’t just want to open up to her. With the anger and my combined frustration of trying to convince her that I’m perfectly fine, I don’t know when I blurt it out
“Koko had sex with dave”
The line went silent. Oh my god! What have I done?
“Oma I’ll call you back”
“Tricia wait! Hello…hello…” but the line had already gone dead.

What is keeping up with the kardasians? Try keeping up with my life!

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