Love Oh Love

Before now I hear people saying that there's an age limit to love. You'll hear them say things like "at her age she's still planning on getting married? '' and I must say that I used to have that ideology too. But as I'm typing this now, I'm somewhere in akabo, IMO state ( I dunno the exact place) at a traditional wedding. The decor is beautiful and the aroma of the food is too inviting. I've already ordered my own food, a plate of ukwa (breadfruit) with fried fish and a tall glass of palmwine( trust me nah). So in this beautiful place with the beautiful decor, I saw something beautiful (feel the rhyme?) I saw LOVE.
I can't really say how I'm related to the lady but according to mom we're related. Before today I didn't even know her but from what I was told she was once married and unfortunately it wasn't to the man of her dreams, she was a victim of domestic violence and barely made it out alive. They were married for 13 years and during the 13 years she lost 2 pregnancies during his regular beatings and when she was finally brave enough to walk away, she found out she had nothing, not even a child to her name. She started from scratch, years passed and finally she was favoured and got a job in the company. The company gives certain staff opportunity ro travel to other countries for both business and pleasure and on one of those business trips she met Mr Emeka (her husband now), and they hit it off. They must have hit it off so well that I'm here sitting and waiting for my plate of ukwa while admiring the nice 'nkiru weds emeka' banners.
Emeka on the other hand lost his wife and had three lovely children, 2 girls and a boy (who's totally my speck by the way). Emeka is 64 and nkiru is 49 (trust me I did my research). When my mum told me to accompany her I didn't want to go cause I felt it was old people's love. I was right, but I was wrong too.
     Looking at them now, I see love. It's giving me goosebumps, it's like they have eyes for only each other and its beautiful. They might not be young again, they might not have been fortunate to find it then, but the most important thing is that they finally found it. I wish I could go for the white wedding, but I'll need a visa for that one since its going down in Canada. All I can do is wish you a happy and blissful marriage and just like today, may you always have eyes for each other till death do you part. (Do I hear an Amen?)
   Omg.... I'm tearing up, lemme go and grab a tissue. Later guys I have a wedding and a plate of ukwa to get back to.

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