The poet

          Sometimes I get inspiration to write when I’m at really weird places, like right now I’m in the toilet.  Don't look so shocked!  😄😄😄
When I’m bored I look at random people and try to guess their story. Just a game a play by myself. I’m looking at this girl now and all I can feel is sadness. I don’t know her but she looks like someone who’s been terribly hurt. I try to look away and I finally succeed though I still turn around to look at her one more time before going my way, I was to pressed to hang around and study her more.
Sitting in the toilet now, I remember that sad looking girl and these words just keep playing in my head.
“ I know of a girl
A girl who doesn’t care
A girl who doesn’t believe in love
A girl who thinks it’s underrated
A girl who has been hurt and now she CARESless”
I’m not really a poetic person and so I don’t even know where this inspiration came from. All thanks to that strange sad girl for bringing out the poet in me. I’ll always remember you and I pray that when next I see you, you’ll be wearing a smile. A smile as radiant as the sun.

Oma cares!


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