So I’m sitting in this class, clearly dying of boredom. This professor is killing me slowly. It’s a 2-hour class and we’ve used only 45 minutes. I’m tired, I really am. I’ve had chain classes since 7:00 this morning and I’m really hating this. I look for whom to blame and the only people available are those heading the Nigerian educational system a.k.a our ogas at the top.

Because I’m bored and tired, I start thinking of really weird things like how my really skinny course mate( sitting right next to me) would look in a two piece bikini. And now am actually thinking if orange (the color) was named after orange(the fruit) or if orange(the fruit) was named after orange(the color). Crazy right? Lmhao

Brain doctors would have a field day looking into mine.
My afro weavon is itching me; I don’t even care if that cute guy is looking at me. I scratch without mercy, that’s how frustrated I am. Everyone is looking at me now…….

✋ Wait! Why is everyone looking at me? (back to earth girl!)
“You with the afro, are you lost? C’mon stand up there”
I stand up without even knowing, it’s like my legs moved out of their own will. I try not looking around because my friends are already laughing around me.

“what’s the central dogma of molecular biology all about?” He asks looking at me through his round glasses.
Great! My day just went from bad to worse.


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