Guys shaa…

Remember chike?
Yes, that chike……
Okay just Click here  if you don’t remember.
Chike who gave me advice. I found out that chike has been lying to me. He said he loved his girlfriend and even talks about the girl so much that it hurts my ears to listen. Guess what? Yea, you’re right! There’s no girlfriend.

        I was gisting with my girlfriend at a sit out in school, when he happened to pass by. He stopped to say hello and it turned out that they knew each other too. He didn’t stay long anyway, so after he left out of curiosity I asked my friend about his girlfriend. She looked confused at first before she laughed and told me he had none. I just waived it aside, cause I thought since they weren’t that close anyway, she wouldn’t know the current happenings in his life.
        It was more than a week before I saw chike again. We talked and laughed as usual. Maybe because my friend had planted a little seed called doubt in me, even without knowing I started searching for signs he was lying to me and that’s when I started seeing and noticing things I never did before. Things like, the way he looked at me and even smiled at me. Something didn’t seem right. I still wasn’t ready to ask.
Finally, today I decided to ask him if he really had girlfriend. I first started by asking what his girlfriend looked like and all that basic stuff a boyfriend should know, not only did he not answer me fast enough he also didn’t answer well. He previously said “she’s chocolate in complexion and tall, a bit taller than me” (I can remember teasing him about the love of things bigger than him) but when I asked now he told me that she’s chocolate in complexion and a bit on the average side and that tall girls are not really his speck.
        After he had successfully failed my tests, I finally asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said he didn’t and then spent like one hour apologizing for lying initially. He said he just really liked me and wanted to get closer. How can you use the excuse of a girlfriend to get closer to a prospective girlfriend? I mean who does that? I didn’t even know what to say to him. I just nodded and told him we were cool. I hadn’t even finished with my ‘I have forgiven you’ short speech before the guy landed with his ‘give me a chance and I’ll ……….’ Everlasting speech. Seriously he should take a chill pill. It was beginning to upset me. I just told him (shaa) that I can’t start a relationship based on lies and that we should just stay as friends. Of course he told me of how he isn’t going to give up on me and how I’m the one and all that. I’ve heard those a million times. Funny enough he didn’t even ask if I was single or not. Guys can be weird. Guys shaa!

And that’s how oma sees it……………


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