Bad makeup day

Oh my face! My beautiful face!

          I’m trying to teach this my friend that does really awful makeup how to get better. I say ‘I’m trying’ because I obviously didn’t do a good work of teaching, cause I look like shit (nsi agbara katapult). I never knew though that sacrificing my face came with the whole package. You wouldn’t want to see me now; I look bad, reallyyyyy bad!
Yes, it’s true that Tricia does terrible makeup, and I’m trying to help her but that’s not even the main reason I’m trying to help her. Tricia’s boyfriend broke up with her last month and it broke her poor heart. I know she really liked the idiot. I never really liked him. He wasn’t caring, not trustworthy, lied a lot and always kept her waiting. He hurt her more than he made her smile. Good riddance I’d say but Tricia didn’t think so. That was the love of her life, they ha d even named their four ‘imaginary’ kids, the girls all ha d names beginning with T as in Tricia and the boys had names beginning with D  as in divine (the idiot’s name).
          Even though I didn’t like divine, I tried to endure him since he was dating my girlfriend. There’s nothing I hadn’t said to try to change her mind. I wanted her to let go of that guy, he wasn’t worth holding on to anyway. I told her about how she was a better person without him, about how she needed to rediscover herself blah blah blah. Everything I said fell on deaf ears, it was really frustrating. Tricia is too trusting for her own good. Just to convince her to leave the idiot I jokingly told her once that I’d give her free makeup tutorials if she got over him. We just laughed about it; never did I know I was going to be held by my words later on.
          He broke up with her and didn’t give her any reason for doing so. Then he started flaunting pictures he took with another girl on Facebook for all to see. Maybe he wanted to hurt Tricia but he only did the reverse. He finally succeeded in doing what I’d been trying to do for about a month now. He finally helped her face the reality. The reality that he was a jerk and it was over between them.
      Haha…………. In your face divine
So here I am trying to cheer my friend on and keep my promise by sacrificing my face. There’s definitely a place for me in heaven after doing this! Lol

 Oma cares....


  1. You are such a good friend.

  2. Lol..... Thanks ansah, I'll remember to tell Tricia that

  3. Lol..... Thanks ansah, I'll remember to tell Tricia that


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