#TGIF kasala!

This morning was awesome!

           While good people of the world were asleep in their beds,  ijeoma was running the race of her life and for her life. My broda, my sister no be small thing oo.
It all started Friday afternoon when I decided to go clubbing since it was #tgif. Friday evening fully dressed in my bumshorts I succeeded in dragging my poor friend along. Right from when we got there, there had been issues. We were hearing screaming outside and all that, thinking it was just normal noise in club we continued having fun inside joor. The next thing broken bottles were flying in the air, seats were crashing and my legs started flying out of their own accord, I didn't even remember my dearest friend.
             In the process of everyone trying to get out at the same time the glass doors shattered, people were wounded some even bleeding. I succeeded in getting through the door and I called my friend, she wasn't picking (probably coz of the noise) I tried again and again, I was really getting scared and all this time I was still running, finally she picked. She said in her alarm she ran in the opposite direction and that she was still trying to retrace her steps. The next thing I heard screaming at the other end and then she hung up, okay this my friend is more on the thick side and so I was scared for her life. I tried calling again and she picked, she said she sprained her ankle and lost a nail. I gave her my location and told her I was waiting for her.
              I felt really bad for her, I waited for more than 10 min before she finally arrived on a strange  guys back. The ankle was so bad that he had to carry her, he was her knight in shining armour. The next thing oo we heard SAS patrol, am guessing they came because of the uproar at the club. If u see another round of race, nobody wants to enter SAS patrol car oo. My one legged friend and I ran and successfully found keke shaa which took us home.       

              If I tell you that I wont club again will you believe me? Have u ever had a bad clubbing experience? Share your experiences! ☺☺☺


  1. I wish I write down my experience clearly like u do. You have a great talent. Thank God you made your way out.

    Well I don't think you're gonna quit clubbing for that, buh you can reduce the number of time and didn't visit that particular club again you never can tell what the hoodlums are upto next.

    It's Leke from Twitter


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