Naija Cares!

             When I was younger, my dad inculcated the habit of “taking responsibility for your actions” in my siblings and I. Me most especially  because I’m the first born child in an African home. I hate it when people don’t take responsibility for their actions, or even worse, try to put it on someone else. Nigerians are very beautiful people. We’re beautiful inside out, but we can also be really good at passing blame. We blame any and everyone and I believe one of the factors that helps in promoting blame transfer is the Nigerian English.

    The British would say: Am sorry mom, I had an F in my test.
    Naija: Mummy you won’t believe that teacher gave me an F.
(Gave you what? Nobody gave you anything joor! That kind giving…..)

     British: I got the pox or I have the pox
     Naija: Anne has given me chicken pox.
( you get the drift?)

         Why am I suddenly telling you about Nigerian and British English?
 Right now my roommate is crying or rather wailing and its all because of a really insensitive group of people. About two weeks ago she got the pox, I had to start taking multi vitamins and b-complex to boost my immune system because I hadn’t gotten it  before. She couldn’t go out because she was scared of passing it to someone, I was the one that helped her run little errands. According to her, she said she’d feel really guilty if someone got it from her. But last week she had a test to write, she tried calling the lecturer to ask for permission to be absent but he refused. He told her that it was her business and not his. She had to go like that to for the test. All these happened last week. I just got back from school to meet a wet eyed roommate telling me about how one of her course mates got chicken pox and about how everyone is saying it’s from her. Some are even so insensitive to point at her and be like “did you hear that bright now has chicken pox? He got it from Anne”. Anne is the really emotional kind of person and she’s been feeling bad ever since, am really pitying her though.

 It was nice chatting with you but I need to get back to consoling my poor roommate.

Oma cares


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