So today out of my really busy schedule, I took out a little time to see a movie “I think I love my wife” (yea I know it’s an old movie) but it got me thinking. Sometimes it’s really the women who push their men to cheat.
Remember the post about eguisi soup? What happens when the eguisi refuses to be garnished, gets soured and is therefore not appealing to the mouth?

               DON’T BE BORING! Nobody, and I repeat nobody can handle a boring conversation not to talk of a boring forever of conversations. What does your man like? (I can’t answer that question for you) do them for him. I know that there are still them dogs who will cheat even if you decide to give them ‘snake in the monkey shadow style’ on bed but at least try, don’t be the reason your relationship failed. Don’t be the boring one!

That’s how oma sees it…………



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