CHEAT- PART II (Men and soups)

                  Sometimes I hear guys and ladies refer to us (the opposite sex) as soups. They’ll say things like “oma I can’t be faithful to one person oo, how will somebody eat only eguisi (melon) soup all the days of their lives? You no go tire?
No 1. Nobody begged you in the first place to go and marry wife/husband or get girlfriend/boyfriend that you can’t and have no plans to be faithful to. Later when your partner catches you and does something, you’ll start saying things like women are evil or men are wicked.
                   I saw a picture sometime of a woman that cooked her cheating husband’s penis with indomie noodles and people were seriously bashing her. I only felt she should have at least grilled or fried it (the dick) first. I believe it would’ve looked prettier.
No 2. Since we’re talking about soups, personally I love eguisi soup ( I mean, what is there not to love?) now because I love eguisi soup I can eat it anywhere and everywhere. Today it might be eguisi and olugbo (bitterleaf soup), eguisi and ugu (pumpkin leaves), eguisi and ukasi/afang (I have no idea what it’s called in English) and even recently, I found out eguisi and waterleaf isn’t bad either and there is also eguisi without any vegetable, you can add nsami (periwinkle), azu amiri ami (smoked fish), anu ewu (goat meat) etc just to add spice to your dish.
                    Because I love this soup, I am open to new ideas; I try new things and see what works best for me. What am trying to say in essence is that if you love that man/woman, you’ll stick to him like a stamp to a letter, you’ll try out new stuffs with him/her. Stop blaming your promiscuity on variety! Just cause you heard that variety is the spice of life, now you want to over spice your life? Nobody even enjoys a food that’s been over spiced.
And still on the soup matter, when you decide to combine eguisi, afang, edikan- ikong, ofe owerri, atama, white soup, fisherman soup, groundnut soup, hmmm bros/babe nawa for you oo. Don’t worry the toilet is already calling on you. Be faithful people!

And that’s how oma sees it………


  1. Beautiful piece. now i've seen an answer to this prevailing issue.


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