CHEAT- Part 1

             Am just sitting with a few friends, this beautiful day, we’re chatting, everybody is happy and chinwe (one of my friends who just recently broke up with her boyfriend) asked “why do men cheat?” and Idy (another one of my friends, an unrepentant playboy) answered “sweetie, because we can”.
             Well for those of us that have not yet been informed am here to inform you that what a man can do a woman can do better!
             When you can’t control your third leg, I mean the one in-between your trousers and then you abandon that good woman you brought from her father’s house with the promise of love, trust and faithfulness and then that woman finds out and cheats on you too, after all two can play that game and you find out and start going around calling her whore blah blah blah forgetting that you're also doing the same thing you're judging her for and you feel you're justified cause you're a man. What you might not know is that men just have one sex hormone called the testosterone, while women have two sex hormones the testosterone and oestrogen. Now women have a double dose of sex hormones so who do you feel should be sleeping around with any and everything?
              Cheating in general is wrong! Don’t go around bashing women who cheat and saying that men who cheat is a norm, cause its not. God didn’t make it so! If you're going to bash and criticize, then do that for both sexes and if you feel it’s a norm, then its definitely normal for both sexes.

Cause that’s how oma sees it! ☺☺☺☺☺☺


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