Being proud of who you are


                  So, recently I met a friend. He’s not like a lot of people I know and I think that’s what drew me to him. He is a friend’s friend and we met at that friend’s party. Chike is his name. Chike is someone I found easy to connect to, he’s happily dating incase you’re wondering if he’s actually into me. He talks about his girlfriend so much that sometimes it hurts my ears.
                   I know you're wondering why am writing about chike. Well this is supposed to be my diary and yes, chike surprised me.

                    I found out (or rather chike told me) that he works as a security agent in my school. I was surprised, really surprised cause apart from the fact that he’s quite handsome, almost too handsome to be a security guard and might actually be the most good looking security guard I see in my life, he was actually really proud of his job. He told me of his dreams and how he didn’t plan to be there for a long time anyway. I must admit, his plans were legit and when I asked him how he doesn’t even feel any bit of shyness or awkwardness when people ask him what he does for a living since it was sort of a menial job, he laughed and told me something. He said and I quote,

“I believe there’s nothing like a menial job, every job is important in its own way and the way we approach and handle them is what makes them big or menial, what I believe in though is people with menial minds. Think big oma”
                    Well before then I believe I was one of those with menial minds but now I know better all thanks to chike. Be proud of who you are pipo! You can only truly improve on what you’re proud of and love. You can only begin to improve on yourself if you’re proud of and love yourself. THINK BIG!
Cause that's how OMA sees it😄


  1. Nice 1. You've added to your knowledge thanks to chike and I can say I grab some too.

    Wonderful write Up.
    Thumbs Up.

  2. Thanks Moses adet, am glad u learnt something too.


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