Babygirlness: (VERB) being simple in all you do in life. Avoiding stress and all its agents.

E.g.   i. oma is a babygirl for life!
         ii. Anyone who owns a functional blender and still prefers pounding with mortar and pestle has issues with babygirlness.

               I read a post written by a face book friend about being a babygirl and it got me laughing, reminded me of an experience I had few years back. Fresh out of secondary school I went for holidays in my aunt’s place, aunt lizzy. Aunt Lizzy had or rather has (since she hasn’t changed one bit) this tendency of making life difficult for anyone and everyone who stayed close to her.
                I can still remember vividly the afternoon she sent me to bring down the pot of soup from the stove while she was busy at the corner of the kitchen turning hot garri. I picked up a rag and was trying to get the pot of soup down when hot “garri turner” landed on my head. I was both shocked and confused.
“Aunty what did I do?” and she said “is it me you're asking that question?” (Typical Nigerian mother response) of course I kept quiet, I didn’t want a second round of knacking, abeg oo. Me that was still trying to recover from the first! Then she said “ijeoma why are you so lazy, is this how you're going to be in your husband’s house? Common soup you cant even bring down without rag!”
                The soup was hot for goodness sake, what is your problem? (Of course I said this in my head I still want to live!) I was quite surprised, she looked really angry with me and I didn’t actually know or understand why because the last time I checked I was the one that got hit with hot garri turner just cause I was trying to make my work easy.
I don’t see any reason why I should have a washing machine, dish washer, toaster, blender, rug cleaner etc and still stress myself, I mean who likes stress? Hard work doesn’t mean sweat work!
I don’t know about you, but that’s how oma sees it


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