Boring dates???

                         Today wasn't so funny for me.........
                About 3 weeks ago,  I just dey my own lane oo,  when one guy walked up to me and after introducing himself and all that. He got my number and promised to call, he called so much that I regretted giving the number,  he kept insisting on taking me out. I wasn't comfortable with it,  but finally I gave in. So today oo I carried myself to Kilimanjaro fast food. Initially I planned on eating there but after about 8 mins of chatting and infinity mins of silence I didn't know when it would end,  I decided to stick to takeaway so that I could escape as soon as possible! With my takeaway being prepared I was ready to move, till he decided that I should have some drinks with him before I leave. I didn't want to seem rude and so I stayed. I thought the worst of the boring talk was over till he started telling me about betnaija! (Who talks about betnaija on a first date?)
                  personally I have no issues with betnaija,  but I also have no interest in it. Need I say that next time I'll think twice about going on such dates. Life is an adventure and I'll take this experience as one of mine, though it wasn't a very pleasant one.
   Have u ever been on a date gone bad, a boring date or even a hilarious one? Drop your own story in the comment box,  let's see who's story sucks most!


  1. Good post. I jux think bad dates saves us from wasting our time cos from the initial meeting u realise there is no connection.

  2. Yea you're right. Sometimes we ignore the signs and go ahead anyway.


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