That kin boyfriend

Why do we date?
Why do we need boyfriends/girlfriends? Is it because we haven’t felt heart break in a while and we just want to or is it because we need a reason to cry. A lot of people have lost the reason why they entered into that relationship in the first place. One of such people is my friend koko. She’s always complaining of her boyfriend. Okay according to her this guy is not caring, not romantic, really secretive and suspicious, lies a lot and she suspected he was cheating on her. And she’s still there, hell only the first two is enough to repel me. I didn’t even like the guy from the first moment I saw him and from that day till today, he hasn’t proven me wrong. Initially there were two guys in koko’s life, I liked the first on better probably cause he was easier to see through, he was also way much nicer than this one. But when she needed to choose, she chose the one that was better in bed. Akwaibom girls and straf ehn…
Now the one that bags everything is obviously a douche bag. You’re not happy in that relationship, you’re just trying to console yourself with the fact that he’s good in bed. He makes you cry every time he comes around, what gave him the right? He’s not even menstruation! I had been telling her to break up with this guy and she said it’s love that’s keeping her, when we both know it’s not love. I’ve given all the advice in my mouth and she’s not listening, she’s just too headstrong. I like her and that’s the only reason I care so much, if I didn’t I’d let her date 
any tom, dick and harry. Maybe she thinks I don’t mind my business, but that’s what friends do (they poke nose into their friend’s business).
Now I’m thinking, something is really wrong with my friend cause she just told me the guy is not only all the afore  mentioned he’s also a cultist and a yahoo boy. Wonderful! And she still doesn’t want to leave.

Where’s my bible? This girl needs deliverance……

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