The chyking game

There are times in a girl’s life when you can’t keep guys off you. You just seem way more attractive to them than any other girl. They’ll start chyking you from all angles and they'll come in different categories. After a while everything calms down and once again you walk the streets and not even one guy takes a second look at you.
 That hot time that I’m talking about is what Tricia is experiencing now.
 Guys no wan gree her rest oo!
 They’re all up in her base. She gets chykers everywhere, in church, in the market and supermarket, in class, and even keke drivers are after her.
She keeps on telling me hilarious stories of her recent escapades . But out of all these people, there was one guy she kept on talking about even a week after.  Hmm, I felt there was something going on but she kept on insisting that there wasn’t so I let it go. Like play like play, they were seeing almost every day after school and she was seeing her boyfriend even less. Idong is my friend too and I felt bad for him, he’d complained to me before but I tried to cover up for my friend. She was fucking up; I needed to talk to her. I called her one day to my room and tried talking to her, that’s when I even knew that the guy’s name was Dave. Finally she admitted she was beginning to like Dave and after much talk I found out the main reason was that she felt they were losing their spark, she could have tried rekindling it and not killing it totally by going on dates with another guy who she’s now having feelings for.
She said she’d told the guy she had a boyfriend but he’d said he’d wait for her to get back her senses and know that she’s with the wrong guy. She’d even started calling him bextie just to  best friend zone him, this guy no wan gree. I told her that she wasn’t persistent enough. He probably wasn’t taking her NO seriously  because it was a weak NO. How can you say one thing and mean another. She’ll tell the guy she’s not interested in being in a relationship with him but whenever he called you, she’ll always go out to meet him and you’re there deceiving yourself and saying you’re telling him NO.
So I had this friend I made when I first entered school. He was one of my first friends. We rarely talk now shaa, because we hardly see. So he calls me and starts asking me if I know any dare. I tell him I do and he tells me all sorts of things like how Dave is always talking about hitting my friend Tricia and hitting her hard. He said he wasn’t sure if it was me he was talking about though. I asked him how he knew Dave and he said they were roommates (small world right?) he told me to be careful and that we’d talk later.
I knew it I knew it I knew it! I knew that Dave was up to know good. Love my foot, that kin love! And my foolish friend wants to leave the beautiful relationship she had to follow a prettier face giving her fake romance. And her excuse is that she’s said no and he’s not listening. If you’re going to say no, please mean it she took my advice and started implementing it, it wasn’t easy oo the guy didn’t want to give up on her ass, cause that was obviously what he came for, and with a little bit more patience from his side and a bit more stupidity from her side, he’d have succeeded. He even called me to try to tell me to convince my friend, I don’t even know how he got my number. I know it will take a while for him to give up, but he will. I’m just glad my friends are good again I even did a mash of their names, its Triong i.e Tricia and idong. Cool right? I feel all this drama could have been avoided if Tricia talked to idong about how she felt. Communication is vital in a relationship. Learn to communicate with your partner and if they hurt you tell them how you feel and resolve your issues. Piling them up doesn’t help.

And that’s how ionna sees it!

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