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Bad makeup day

Oh my face! My beautiful face!

          I’m trying to teach this my friend that does really awful makeup how to get better. I say ‘I’m trying’ because I obviously didn’t do a good work of teaching, cause I look like shit (nsi agbara katapult). I never knew though that sacrificing my face came with the whole package. You wouldn’t want to see me now; I look bad, reallyyyyy bad!
Yes, it’s true that Tricia does terrible makeup, and I’m trying to help her but that’s not even the main reason I’m trying to help her. Tricia’s boyfriend broke up with her last month and it broke her poor heart. I know she really liked the idiot. I never really liked him. He wasn’t caring, not trustworthy, lied a lot and always kept her waiting. He hurt her more than he made her smile. Good riddance I’d say but Tricia didn’t think so. That was the love of her life, they ha d even named their four ‘imaginary’ kids, the girls all ha d names beginning with T as in Tricia and the boys had names beginning with D  a…


So I’m sitting in this class, clearly dying of boredom. This professor is killing me slowly. It’s a 2-hour class and we’ve used only 45 minutes. I’m tired, I really am. I’ve had chain classes since 7:00 this morning and I’m really hating this. I look for whom to blame and the only people available are those heading the Nigerian educational system a.k.a our ogas at the top.

Because I’m bored and tired, I start thinking of really weird things like how my really skinny course mate( sitting right next to me) would look in a two piece bikini. And now am actually thinking if orange (the color) was named after orange(the fruit) or if orange(the fruit) was named after orange(the color). Crazy right? Lmhao

Brain doctors would have a field day looking into mine.
My afro weavon is itching me; I don’t even care if that cute guy is looking at me. I scratch without mercy, that’s how frustrated I am. Everyone is looking at me now…….

✋ Wait! Why is everyone looking at me? (back to earth girl!)
“You …

The poet

Sometimes I get inspiration to write when I’m at really weird places, like right now I’m in the toilet.  Don't look so shocked!  😄😄😄
When I’m bored I look at random people and try to guess their story. Just a game a play by myself. I’m looking at this girl now and all I can feel is sadness. I don’t know her but she looks like someone who’s been terribly hurt. I try to look away and I finally succeed though I still turn around to look at her one more time before going my way, I was to pressed to hang around and study her more.
Sitting in the toilet now, I remember that sad looking girl and these words just keep playing in my head.
“ I know of a girl
A girl who doesn’t care
A girl who doesn’t believe in love
A girl who thinks it’s underrated
A girl who has been hurt and now she CARESless” I’m not really a poetic person and so I don’t even know where this inspiration came from. All thanks to that strange sad girl for bringing out the poet in me. I’ll always remember you…

Guys shaa…

Remember chike?
Yes, that chike……
Okay just Click here  if you don’t remember.
Chike who gave me advice. I found out that chike has been lying to me. He said he loved his girlfriend and even talks about the girl so much that it hurts my ears to listen. Guess what? Yea, you’re right! There’s no girlfriend.

        I was gisting with my girlfriend at a sit out in school, when he happened to pass by. He stopped to say hello and it turned out that they knew each other too. He didn’t stay long anyway, so after he left out of curiosity I asked my friend about his girlfriend. She looked confused at first before she laughed and told me he had none. I just waived it aside, cause I thought since they weren’t that close anyway, she wouldn’t know the current happenings in his life.
        It was more than a week before I saw chike again. We talked and laughed as usual. Maybe because my friend had planted a little seed called doubt in me, even without knowing I started searching for signs he wa…