Wonders shall never end o!

           Edidiong cannot and will not put me to shame. So yesterday, I was on my own and my friend edidiong called me and asked if I was free so she could come over. Truth be told, I was actually really bored at home.  So in about 25 minutes edidiong was in my house, we gisted and laughed for a little while and then while we had noodles she told me about her new boyfriend Michael. Edidiong got a call then and was like I should accompany her to see a friend. I asked her the location and who exactly was sponsoring the waka (journey), she said the bills were on her.
           Dear diary, since the bills were on edidiong who was I not to agree. When we got there I found out that edidiong didn’t know this guy from Adam and that my safety wasn’t sure. I expected edidiong to feel uncomfortable or something, but she was cool almost too cool. I wasn’t comfortable at all. The next thing, we were offered a bottle of magic moment and edidiong was downing shots like there was no tomorrow. I was trying to tell her to calm down, especially since we don’t even know this guy. She wasn’t listening. I was just sipping mine really slowly, one of us had to be sane at least!
           We were sitting by the dining and then the next thing I knew, I was sitting by the dining (did u get that?😁😂😁😁😁). Edidiong and the stranger whom I heard her calling idy, left me and proceeded to the “other room”. Everywhere was quiet for some time and then I heard screaming, in my panic I raced inside the “other room” and almost went blind. The guy was really giving it to her! He was slapping her, pulling her hair, in fact he was practically beating her up while having sex with her at the same time, while my poor friend screamed and tears rolled down her face. I should have run and saved my own ass first, but she’s my friend nah, so I stayed and begged.
  I was like,
     “idy please I’m begging you in the name of God, stop hurting my friend. We’ll leave and never come back and we won’t tell a soul, just let her go”.
Idy turned to me and was like,
“if you don’t leave this room and wait in the sitting room, you’ll see what I’ll do to you”
             Of course I didn’t wait to see what idy would do to me. I ran to the sitting room, I thought of getting out but the door was locked. I tried calling my other friends, after many trials one finally picked up and I didn’t know which location to give him. My first name was “confusion!” I couldn’t sit still, I mean, my friend was getting raped in the next room, I was kept hostage in this one and for all I knew I was the next in line for the ravaging. After what felt like an endless eternity of sex, edidiong finally came out of the room with idy behind her. She looked like shit and at that moment I felt like one.
             He opened the door for us and I dragged edidiong along with me as we ran out. We didn’t stop running till we got keke (tricycle) that now finally took us home. I dropped edidiong at home and rushed back to mine, cause I had a 7am test this morning with the promise that I’d see her the today. When I left her she was sleeping though, probably due to the alcohol.

               I really don’t know what am going to do or say to her today. I know I  shouldn’t blame her because it has already happened, but I need to blame someone. Why is this world like this? As for me, next time one of my crazy friends decides to go visiting again and wants me to accompany him/her, he/she will give me the assurance of our safety, if not am not going!

                                               Stay safe, Oma cares!


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